What Is The Atomic Number Of The Element Which Belongs To Fifth Period And Group 16 A 50 B 34 C 52 D 53?

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1 Answer. An element X belongs to Gp16 & 5th period. Its atomic number is 52.

What is a Semimetal in group 5A?

Nitrogen and phosphorus are non-metals, arsenic is a semimetal, and antimony and bismuth tend to be metallic, typically forming ions with a +3 charge. The oxides of nitrogen and phosphorus are acidic when dissolved in water. Arsenic and antimony oxides are amphoteric, and bismuth oxide is basic. Group 5A.

What is the atomic number of the element which belongs to fifth period and Group 16 A 50 B 34 C 52 D 53?

1 Answer. An element X belongs to Gp16 & 5th period. Its atomic number is 52.

What is the charge of group 5 elements?

If you look at the periodic table, you will find the metals in groups (from one to 16). Group one is composed of metals that have a +1 charge, while all the metals in groups 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and 16 have a charge +2.

What are the characteristics of group 5 elements?

Lesson Summary

  • Group 5A elements contain 5 valence electrons.
  • They have several different oxidation states.
  • They usually form covalent bonds but can also form ionic bonds.
  • They include non-metals, metalloids and metals.
  • All are solids at room temperature except nitrogen.

What element is in group 4 period 5?


What is period 5 on the periodic table?

The period 5 transition metals are yttrium (Y), zirconium (Zr), niobium (Nb), molybdenum (Mo), technetium (Tc), ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh), palladium (Pd), silver (Ag), and cadmium (Cd).

Which element has an atomic mass of 16?


What is period 16 on the periodic table?

Sulfur - Element information, properties and uses | Periodic Table.

Which element is in group 16 Period 6?

Atomic and physical

ZElementNo. of electrons/shell
16Sulfur2, 8, 6
34Selenium2, 8, 18, 6
52Tellurium2, 8, 18, 18, 6
84Polonium2, 8, 18, 32, 18, 6

Which element is in group 16 Period 2?

Sulfur is a chemical element that is represented with the chemical symbol "S" and the atomic number 16 on the periodic table.

What element is a halogen in period 5?

Group 7A (or VIIA) of the periodic table are the halogens: fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At).

Group 7A — The Halogens.


What do the elements in group 5 have in common?

Like the group 4 elements, all group 5 metals are normally found in nature as oxide ores that contain the metals in their highest oxidation state (+5). Because of the lanthanide contraction, the chemistry of Nb and Ta is so similar that these elements are usually found in the same ores.

What element is in group 16 period?

oxygen group element, also called chalcogen, any of the six chemical elements making up Group 16 (VIa) of the periodic classification—namely, oxygen (O), sulfur (S), selenium (Se), tellurium (Te), polonium (Po), and livermorium (Lv).

What is the element in period 3 Group 16?



What is the atomic number of element which belongs to 5th period and group 16?

Group 16 Elements Of Modern Periodic Table

PeriodElementAtomic Number

What element is in period 5 and Group 6?

Molybdenum. Molybdenum is a Group 6 chemical element with the symbol Mo and atomic number 42.

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